Monday, March 19, 2007

BubbleShare? Why Not?

I started out building web pages using simple text and notepad back in the days we dreamt of doing cool things on a web page. For several years, I chased the “cool factor” looking to one up the next page with some effect that WOW my audience. (Gee, as I write this, I sound like a kid learning to use the effects and transitions in PowerPoint. <Smile>) Like many people it dawned on me that content is king and I went back to basics. Text on the page that said something and I was happy. I also have be fair and point out the fact I have no artistic talent, which meant I was quickly outclassed when some of the new tools starting hitting the market. 
The last few years, we have seen a plethora of new social tools hit the market, (Blogs, Social bookmarks, image libraries etc…) during this time, some of us have sat on the side line watching these develop while other have jumped in and started playing. Where are you?This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog
I am one of those folks that look at some of this stuff and have to ask WHY? I can see it is cool, easy to use and even fun, but still ask why and how long will this remain free? (Side note - I lived through the first .com bust <sad face> and it was not fun.)
This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog
Recently on a Skype call with friend Peggy George, I learned about As she told me about it, I said it sounds much like Flickr and I was wrong to a point. I do like my Flickr account and the fact I can post images online and easily share them with the world, Bubble share does allow me do this too, plus a few other things like place a hat on my daughters head or put up a silly comment in a comic book style thought bubble. If that was not enough,BubbleShare gives me four different ways to share my album on my Blog or any other web site, and do this easily.

Would this be possible to do without BubbleShare? Sure, I could take the image into Photoshop or some other image editing software and make my edits. I could find some script on the web that would allow me to create some of the affects that BubbleShare allows. Then I could post these on my ISP’s server and update my web page to display these cool new items. But… I wouldn’t do it because it is just too much work.
This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog
If you just read that paragraph and are wondering what I just said, you are not alone and that is the reason some of these tools exist and why they are so popular.
This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blogSo why did I write this today? I sat down and started playing with BubbleShare this morning and thought it was cool. Once I had my album created, I wanted to share it with the world.
My blog seems like a good place to do this. Why the text? Well,it would just be strange to post only images on a blog entry. Or would it?

If you have not explored BubbleShare or Flickr, give them a look. I know I have left out a few other tools in this post, if you know of any, please comment and share the your knowledge.

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greatnews said...

Hi Shawn,
I'm so glad to hear you've personally discovered the fun and ease of BubbleShare! It's one of my favorite, free, online applications and I have found so many uses for it. You didn't mention that you can add audio to it and that makes it even more interesting. I saw some first grade examples of students telling about their latest field trip, what they learned in first grade, etc. to accompany their BubbleShare albums and they were incredible. What parent wouldn't want to see/hear them over and over. :-) I found these examples on Kathy Cassidy's grade one blog:

One of the things I love about BubbleShare is that it saves me from uploading memory-intensive photos on my web pages because all I have to do is copy/paste the html code provided by BubbleShare and let them store the photos. :-)

I used BubbleShare to create an album of a neighborhood potluck-BlockWatch event. I was able to capture the highlights through text, photos and voice. There are so many things you can do with it! I'm glad you decided to share your experiences with it on your blog. Thanks.