Monday, November 27, 2006

Coming of Age: An Introduction to the NEW Worldwide Web V2

Recently, tonight in fact I had an opportunity to review two articles Julie Lindsay has written for the next release of Coming of Age: An Introduction to the NEW Worldwide Web. The topic… one of my favorites was Podcasting.

While I would love to give a fond review of her work, it just wouldn’t be fair to review them without you having a chance to read them yourself. I will however say this… You will not be disappointed when you read her articles.

Two things came to mind while I read. First off, from a technical standpoint I thought it was interesting how she approached Podcasting. While some may consider the word interesting a pseudonym for I disagree with her methodology, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Julie utilizes several tools I was not aware of in her approach. In other cases, I was aware of the tool but never thought to use it. The end result, a PODCAST is born. Best of all I learned a thing or two tonight. - Thanks Julie!

The next item came to mind as I read her second article, was a feeling of hang in there. She discusses some of the great things she has accomplished with Podcasting in her school system yet points out the fact she is not where she wants to be in the process. I do appreciate her candidness but feel the need to commend her for a job well done.

As a practitioner of Podcasting myself, ( I can relate to the challenge of helping people understand the process and realize the value recorded audio will bring to our schools. Change in education is often slow but staying the course and being true to your cause (Podcasting, Blogging, etc…) is imperative.

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