Saturday, February 10, 2007

What is RSS ?

One hot August afternoon last year I was catching up on some of my blog reading when I came across a post from David Warlick “What is RSS?” where he gave his 2-Cents on explaining RSS to people who are still trying to understand it. Of course I chimed in with my comments as did several others. In fact, I chimed in with a post of my own on this blog, [see In response to David Warlick’s post (What is RSS cont.) ]

Prior to posting that entry, I like many others knew we needed a better way to introduce the topic of RSS. Being an educator, there is nothing I enjoy more than a live audience. Give me a room full of students and computers, we would live RSS. Remove the computers, okay, I can demonstrate. This works as long as I have time, location and an audience… Now you see the problem. Those three components don’t often line up.What I needed was a video. Well, it only took a year but it is done. Below you will see the video created to help PUSD community members learn about RSS and how the Peoria Unified School District is using RSS in our schools.

If you would like to download a copy this video is available in both:

I want to publicly thank Dave Collie, for his time and creativity. I had an idea what I wanted this video to look like. Dave delivered a video that is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you Dave!

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Chris Smith said...

I've added your "What is RSS" video to a Blog I've built which is dedicated to showcasing Web 2.0 videos.
Lives at

John said...

Thanks Shawn.

Next week, I am introducing RSS to a group of educators that have not yet made the dive into the use of RSS. I will be sharing your video and blog with them.


Shawn Wheeler said...

It is wonderful to see others are finding value in this video. Thank you so much for using it and letting me know.