Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tagging with Technorati - My test anyway

This post is really only a test. As I continue to learn about Blogging, one of course has to learn about Tags. Recently I subscribed to but had not figured out how to put tags in my Blog ( I have heard about a few blogs that have this feature built in but Blogger does not. )

Recently my friend Terry Freedman create a new blog on Blogger which included Technorati tags. So… I just had to figure this out too.

No shocker… I Google search took me to a 2005 entry on entering Technorati tags. Now I could of course type out the process… But that would be silly. If you are interested in tagging your with Technorati tags, check out this web site.

Now, let’s see if it works!
Tags -
Terry Freedman
Shawn Wheeler

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